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Aash Cube LED Light bars can
give excellent lighting under
cabinet or in ware drop, which leads towards saving energy up to 50% compare to florescent tubes.
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Feature wise comparison of Aash Cube LED Lights and other Light
Feature LEDs CFLs Incandescent
Frequent On/Off Cycling No effect Shortens lifespan Some effect
Turns on instantly Yes Slight delay Yes
Durability Durable Fragile Fragile
Heat Emitted low (3 btu's/hr) medium (30 btu's/hr) high (85 btu's/hr)
Sensitivity to temperature No Yes Some
Sensitivity to humidity No Yes Some
Hazardous Materials None 5 mg mercury/bulb None
Replacement frequency(over 50k hours) 1 5 40+
Where are LED lights used?
1. Exterior lighting applications

• Parking areas
• Pathway illumination
• Street lighting
• Perimeter lighting
• Fountain illumination

2. Interior lighting applications

• Warehouse
• Manufacturing and assembling facilities
• Halls / Auditoriums
• Waiting areas / lobbies and other similar areas
• Sports areas – skating rinks, gymnasiums, stadiums etc
• Office lighting
• Home lighting
This is the partial list of led lighting application. Aash Cube Can provide lighting design in such a way that can change the outlook of interior or exterior entirely. Without changing any objects or adding any furniture, just by using intelligent lighting control devices can give amazing effects.
What are the things or points which are considered during selection of indoor led lights?
• Place (Room/Kitchen/Hall/Office etc.)
• Wall color
• Ground surface
• Existing lighting source connection
• Needs (direct or indirect light)
• Cool light (For task lighting) or Warm light (accent or small area lighting) are usually preferable.
How does Aash Cube led lights can lower your air conditioning cost?
An air condition consumes more energy when the area is hotter; compressors on/off cycle will increase. Lighting source like incandescent lamp generates more heat due to its filament, CFL also generates more heat so it adds extra load on AC for cooling, while LED lighting doesn’t generate heat in room area and it has perfect thermal management heat sink given, so premises are not heated by LED light source hence air conditioning cost reduces.
How are white LEDs created?
There are currently two ways to make white light with LEDs. One method mixes multiple wavelengths of different LEDs to make white light (i.e. RGB), allowing the lighting designer to tune the white light to a specific color temperature. The second method uses a blue Indium-Gallium-Nitride (InGaN) LED with a phosphor coating to create white light. This is the method that results in the more commonly seen “white LED”.
What is IP rating?
It is “Ingress Protection”, under which number rating given to lighting unit or lamp, to show its capacity of blocking the solid dust particles and water. All of our street lights are IP 65 and outdoor underground lights are IP 67
Do any lighting designs consulting services are provided by Aash Cube?
At Aash Cube Lighting, along with LED products, we can also provide Designing services for lighting designs. By using Lighting Design software, our design engineer can provide optimal solution for any lighting project. Effective lighting design can help in saving money by installing less number of fixtures and providing better illumination and also by reducing light pollution. We also have our own Pole manufacturing facility to provide complete street light solution. We can also offer solar option with our outdoor light range.
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