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Lumen(lm) :
A unit measurement of the rate at which a lamp produces light. A lamp's lumen output rating expresses the total amount of light the lamp emits in all directions per unit time.
Lumen depreciation :
The decrease in lumen output that occurs as a lamp is operated, until failure also called as lamp lumen depreciation(LLD).
Luminous flux :
The output quantity of lamp, measured in units of Lm (Lumen).
Luminance :
The luminous intensity of a surface in a given direction per unit area of that surface as viewed from that direction; often incorrectly referred to as "brightness. measured in units of luminous intensity (cd).
Lux :
amount of light that reaches a surface, measured in Lux (lumens/square meter).
Foot Candle :
A measure of illuminance or light intensity. A foot-candle reflects the amount of illumination the inside surface of a 1-foot radius sphere receives from a point source of one candela in the center of the sphere. A foot-candle is also equal to one lumen per square foot.
Illumination :
The process of using light to see objects at a particular location.
Photometry :
A photometric report is data describing the light (beam) distribution and efficiency of a luminaries.
Watt :
It is a SI Unit of power (energy per unit time). The watt is used to specify the rate at which electrical energy is dissipated.
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