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Efficacy :
of light output (in lumens) to input power (in watts), expressed as lumens per watt (LPW).
CCT (correlated color temperature) of lamp means it is a general indication of how warm or cool its appearance. It is measured in Kelvin (K). As CCT increases, the appearance of light source seems bluish white; therefore, high color temperature, indicates cool appearance. Generally Lamps with a CCT rating below 3200 K are usually considered warm sources, whereas those with a CCT above 4000 K usually considered cool in appearance.
Color Rendering Index (CRI) shows how accurately sample light source can produce object color compares to reference light source. More the CRI, real the object color. It is indicated in percentage. Most of the LEDs have CRI >75 and in some cases it can be >85.
Solid State Lighting (SSL) :
Unlike incandescent or fluorescent lamps, which create light with filaments and gases encased in a glass bulb, solid-state lighting consists of semiconductors that convert electricity into light.
Fixture :
A complete lighting unit consisting of lamp or lamps and the parts designed to distribute the light, position and protect the lamp(s), and connect the lamp(s) to the power supply. (AKA luminaries)
Heat sink :
Adding a material, usually metal, adjacent to an object in order to cool it through conduction.
Poly Methyl methacrylate (PMMA) is a transparent thermoplastic, used as replacement of glass in lighting fixtures.
Primary and Secondary Optics :
Primary optic is the lens which is attached with LED and secondary optic is the lens which is exterior to led and used for shape the lighting output in particular area.
Beam angle :
The angle between those points on opposite sides of the beam axis where the intensity drops to 50% of maximum. This is called Beam angle.
Glare :
lighting source emits light which is more than normal acceptance of eye, it creates loss of visibility from stray light being scattered within the eye or even pain induced in eyes that is called glare.
Flicker :
It’s a continuous change in light level from lighting source.
Dimmer :
To change the intensity of solid state lighting, circuit is used which is called dimmer. Intensity can be controlled through manual knob or Remote.
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